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Hoof Care

Hoof Care

All the miniature horses at Little Hooves™ have their hooves regularly cared for by our very own farrier, Taylor. He is a passionate animal-lover, and discovered a keen interest in proper hoof care. Leaning toward the barefoot lifestyle, he fit in perfectly with our minis.

Taylor's education in hoof care began in 2005, when he discovered Strasser Hoofcare. He followed the program closely, sacrificing everything he had to attend the lessons and seminars. After the intensive year-long course was over, Taylor put his new-found knowledge to work. His schedule is open to new clients, so if you're looking for a good farrier to trim your miniature or barefoot riding horse, look no further. Taylor is patient and kind to the horses he trims, treating them exceptionally well. Why trust your horses' hooves to anyone else?

If you're in need of a farrier, contact Taylor, and he'll be glad to come out and trim your horses. He also offers rehabilitation for special cases of founder. Please inquire for a variety of options. He will accomodate your schedule as much as possible. See below for rates.

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Checking the Hoof


$25 base rate per trim on miniatures,
$35 base rate trim on larger horses, plus mileage and applicable medication.

Discounts are available for multiple horses at a single location.

$300+ per month on rehabilitation cases.

Please email Taylor with inquiries and scheduling.