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Puck of Bar Bar E Sooty Roan Palomino Dun (Dunalino) Stallion

AMHA Puck of Little Hooves
AMHR Puck of Bar Bar E

Sooty Roan Palomino Stallion (e/e, A/a, R/n, Cr/n)
Tested negative for Silver

Born: May 5, 2003 | Height: 33"

Puck has fantastic legs, very correct and straight, a valuable trait in miniature horses. He moves freely and is full of spirit, but can also be sweet and willing. He is very balanced and proportionate, refined and powerful. A great all-round stallion with Shetland breeding close-up in his pedigree. We look forward to seeing what he produces!

Little Hooves Show Off The Blues Homozygous Buckskin Pinto Colt

AMHA Show Off the Blues of Little Hooves
AMHR Little Hooves Show Off the Blues

Buckskin Homozygous Pinto Stallion with Blue Eyes (E/E, A/A, T/T, Cr/n)

Born: April 25, 2011 | Height: 32.5"

Blue is a very special boy. He has all the qualities of his majestic sire, Showtime, and the wonderful personality of his dam, Love Brokers First Babe. But not only is he a beautiful horse to look at, he is a perfect fit for our breeding program. Blue can only produce bay pintos and buckskin pintos, and depending on the mare he is bred to, perlino pintos, also.

Little Hooves Show Off The Blues Homozygous Buckskin Pinto Colt

AMHA Pleasant Meadows Showtime
AMHR PM Showtime

Dunskin Homozygous Pinto Stallion (D/nd2, E/e, A/a, T/T, Cr/n)

Born: 1994 | Height: 33"

Showtime is an AMHA World Top Ten Halter Stallion. LWO negative.
He sires wonderful foals with beautiful toplines, lovely heads, and great temperaments.

Sweetwaters Thunderbolt Homozygous Buckskin Pinto Stallion

AMHA & AMHR Sweetwaters Thunderbolt
National Champion Producer

Buckskin Homozygous Pinto Stallion (E/e, A/a, T/T, Cr/n)

Thunder was a beautiful horse with a puppy-dog temperament. He produced beautiful babies for us, and was a wonderful asset to our program. He is greatly missed.

March 20, 1998 - May 1, 2017

Thunder was a dynamic, high-headed stallion. His show record, although shown only at a few shows, took many Grands and Reserves and Reserve Grand overall as a yearling at the Gulf Coast Miniature Horse Club. Thunder's first three daughters took the honor of National Champion Get of Sire in 2004.